Philip Dahl

Visual Artist + Graphic Designer + Front-End Developer



Phil lives in Philadelphia, PA with his dog Ink. He enjoys working to find the most direct and straight forward solutions for a business's needs by listening to and dissecting the goals of their brand and target audience. The challenge of making a visual presence where there was once shapeless ideas is his greatest passion. Phil believes design is the ability to universally communicate clear and simple direction for the broadest spectrum of people to digest and understand. Mossimo Vignelli and Milton Glaser are some of his biggest influences.

When he is not working on other people's ideas, he's constantly working on his own thoughts through drawing, sculpting, building and engineering concepts stretching from the surreal to the sardonic reality of consciousness and experience. These personal renderings are practices in falling gracefully, allowing involuntary mark making to become branches to new ideas in all sorts of mediums, from paint, ink, clay, and pixels; invoking ways to view and interact with the internal self through reflection and contemplation.

Phil sees both pursuits as a way to constantly discover and grow on the foundation he began on more than 10 years ago. He practices the idea of constant curiosity and discovery never taking for granted what he doesn't know and always being excited when finding new methods or ways to visualize invisible thoughts. He believes in not reinventing the wheel and instead, seeing how the wheel could work for him.

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